Going toward the future where anyone can feel secure.

We strive to create new value by fusing the technological base of
cloud-type medical information system (electronic medical records etc.)
that we have cultivated over many years and the blockchain technology
which is the technological base that supports the realization of virtual currencies.

News & Topics

Project has rebranded!
the new name is Pulse Network.

Token Swap and Redistribution
Please contact info@medicalbit.io for swapping token from MBC or ASCA to PULSE.

MedicalBit will be a registered corporation in the Republic of Estonia and will develop and manage finance for the project.

JpMedsn (Japan Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.), a Japanese corporation, will implement the project.

The Republic of Estonia is promoting IT-based nation-building as a national policy, and the spread of e-government, electronic ID card, net banking, etc. in the country is remarkable. Election votes, final tax returns, company establishment can be done on the net, similarly, advanced measures such as electronic medical records are underway.
Moreover, a system of electronic residential rights (e-Residency) was introduced in December 2014. As a result, those who have acquired the electronic residence rights, even those who are not the citizens or the residents of Estonia, are able to use the electronic government system of Estonia. Furthermore, foreigners are able to directly carry out from outside the country the establishment and operation of companies, as well as tax payment procedures,etc. These efforts are believed to be bringing efficiency and cost reduction to businesses.
This e-Residency system constitutes an attempt to expand Estonia's "electronic citizens" beyond its borders by making full use of information technology. It is known that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan also has acquired the Electronic Residence Rights of the Republic of Estonia.
In addition, as Estonia is planning to implement ICO as a nation for the first time in the world, and is actively using virtual currency, so we decided to implement this ICO as an Estonian-registered corporation.

Supporting medical care in Japan and around the world

One of the approaches to the future medical system in Japan that is facing an ageing society is a family general practitioner system. In this situation, a family physician (practitioner) is a regional area where there is a serious shortage of physicians, must diagnose for every disease, and is required to possess a wide range of knowledge beyond own area of specialisation.
Also, as medical science is progressing day by day, it is becoming impossible for a single doctor to continue to possess knowledge about all the diseases, which is said to be in the thousands in number.

However, in order to make the family general practitioner system truly functional, we must address this kind of impossible issues.
Under these circumstances, we have begun initiating efforts to distribute diagnosis support information to the electronic medical record system so that a general practitioner as a family doctor can deal with a wide range of diseases.

family general practitioner system
connecting the medical world
iMedsn - connecting the medical world

The value propositions that patients, medical professionals, drug/medical device manufacturers, and healthcare persons seek in the medical field are different. The cloud-type electronic medical record iMedsn that we are developing aim to provide a platform which will connect these different value propositions to each other so that each can enjoy the benefits.
If medical information and chart information can seamlessly be used on iMedsn, patients can receive standardized high-quality medical care.
In addition, using MBC coins can provide convenience and added value such as point incentives.

Especially for medical professionals, the advent of the innovative Blockchain technology described later will accelerate the promotion of medical information sharing and the technical standardization of electronic medical records, etc.
In addition to the merit of digitizing medical charts, we can expect greatly improved productivity through the introduction of "usable" IT.

※The implementation may not be possible depending on the laws and regulations of the country in which the project is implemented and the status of license approval.

We bring innovation to the Japanese medical field through the accumulation of knowledge

Our cloud-type electronic medical record, iMedsn, boasts next generation operability (similar to a Japanese style mobile phone) and incorporates diagnostic support information inside the iMedsn.

With regard to the diagnosis and treatment protocol of a wide range of diseases,
we first installed the protocol recommended by each technical association.

In the future, we will accumulate knowledge from various experts and make it possible to use a registered name when referencing from medical records.Furthermore, the medical data that underlies these services is highly confidential and should by no means be altered or leaked.

With this in mind, we created an application that uses block chain technology, the basic technology for virtual currency, as a means to manage medical data.With this technology it is possible to build a robust platform that is strong against external attacks.

What’s more, by cooperating with companies that develop quantum encryption technology it is possible to create a platform that cannot be altered while at the same time providing the highest degree of confidentiality.

What is block chain technology?

About iMedsn electronic medical record

We implement the wallet function of MBC coins

iMedsn heals apps Wallet

An ordering receipt computer is built in the iMedsn core.
By installing the MBC wallet function in addition to this, it is possible to receive the medical expenses not covered by insurance etc. with MBC coins.

※The implementation may not be possible depending on the laws and regulations of the country in which the project is implemented and the status of license approval.

Helping all medical doctors to be experts by introducing AI medical technology

The field of medical AI is thought to progress rapidly in the future.
Especially in the field of diagnostic imaging etc., AI has performed endoscopic examinations and has produced remarkable research results such as giving a correct answer rate comparable to experienced doctors. This applies the deep learning technique where AI automatically extracts features of gastric cancer and self-learns by when AI is made to remember a large amount of patient's stomach cancer images etc.

As described above, it is an important point in medical AI how to remember a large amount of diagnostic data.
Medical record information accumulated in large quantities in iMedsn (history of patient diagnosis data, prescription etc.) is the "accumulated knowledge-base for medical treatment" that can be applied to medical AI.

We have developed functions to perform automatic diagnosis and diagnosis support by AI by applying these "accumulated knowledge-base of medical treatment",
and plan to equip the iMedsn chart with functions that seamlessly cooperate with such medical AIs.

The iMedsn health app that strongly supports health

iMedsn heals apps
iMedsn heals apps overview

iMedsn heals apps overview

The iMedsn health app seamlessly works with the clinic's medical information. Starting with the function of an automatic medication notebook, you can browse information on generic medicine from the prescription record, and based on the examination information of the medical record, pinpoint medical information content that is deemed necessary for the patient will be delivered.
In addition, you can enjoy watching "Health Support Video" in drama format that offers knowledge on how to take the medication and on health.

健康アプリダウンロード iMedsn heals apps QR CODE
1.Automatic medication notebook

Automatically record medication data prescribed at the hospital. Furthermore, since the information of the corresponding generic drug is displayed in detail, the patient himself can select the generic drug with confidence.

iMedsn heals apps

2.Health support videos

We stream videos of tailored drama about diseases that Japanese people are prone to.
From individually optimised video streams based on the receipt, users will be able to learn correct information about the cause of diseases, treatment, prevention, etc. efficiently with fun and utilize in their the maintenance of their health. In addition, we introduce how to correctly take medication with videos, simple topics that may not be known well.

iMedsn heals apps

3.MBC coin wallet

You can use the health app as an MBC coin wallet. MBC coins purchased from exchanges can be stored and medical expenses not covered by insurance can be paid with MBC coins at the clinic.
※The implementation may not be possible depending on the laws and regulations of the country in which the project is implemented and the status of license approval.

iMedsn heals apps

Delivering medical knowledge accumulated in Japan to the world

Delivering medical knowledge accumulated in Japan to the world

By first accumulating medical knowledge in Japan so as to provide a basic foundation,
we aim to develop the medical industry in Asia and across the world.

Not only do we support Japan but also medical care throughout the world with an aim of contributing to a change for the better.

What is Block Chain Technology?

The most important innovation of the block chain is that it is a "P2P" network, that in contrast to traditional platforms, does not require a central system or administrator.

With traditional platforms, the central management system manages all activities such as data retention, transactions etc simultaneously.

Whilst the structure is simple, downtime occurs when the central management system fails due to an attack or other reasons with all nodes in the platform being affected.

In contrast, the P2P networks does not require a central management system.
Rather, a network is formed by an unspecified number of random nodes, with each node managing and monitoring one another. The most famous platform that uses this block chain technology is “Bitcoin”

(Source: Ethereum Block Chain Revolution)

Characteristics of Blockchain

Data backup not required
Since all nodes automatically synchronize the data recorded on the blockchain, it will not be erased until all nodes are stopped. Therefore backup itself is not required.
Data cannot be tampered with
Because quantum encryption technology is used to protect the data, tampering cannot be done by third parties.
Network does not stop
In the conventional client/server model, there is a risk that the network can be taken down by attacking the server. In the blockchain, the logical network will not stop unless all the nodes are stopped at the same time.
No need for expensive capital investment
Distributing each node geographically makes redundant communication lines and power supplies unnecessary. Furthermore, since nodes are distributed and play equivalent roles, the server hardware itself does not have to be expensive.

Distribution of MBC coins

In order to distribute MBC coins, we will implement the following benefits and endeavors:

  1. Users of our service can pay the fee with MBC coins. In this case, we will make a fixed rate discount from normal usage fee.
  2. Users of our service can receive MBC coins corresponding to a certain percentage of payment amount (yen) if desired.
  3. We will amortize MBC coins equivalent to a certain percentage of iMedsn usage fee and reduce the total issue volume.

※Regarding the distribution of MBC coins, there are functions that can not be implemented due to laws and
regulations of the country in which the project is implemented and the status of license approval.

Regarding the related patents

Regarding the implementation of our projects at the Japan Medical Solutions,
we have 15 patents pending at the present time and we have obtained the following patents.

Patent No.6117483
Patent No.6177527
Patent No.6177546

JpMedsn's administrative performance

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2011
Japan Medical Solutions was in charge of implementing these projects:Subsidies for the Project to Strengthen the Service Industry, (Subsidies for the Project to Promote Regional Healthcare Establishment), Project to Support the Creation of Healthcare Service.

As the results of these efforts,
"Next generation nursing care system, utilizing new input device" by the "Kanagawa Working KAIGO Consortium" was adopted and its implementation was completed.


Management Team, Project Management Company

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi

Representative Director and President

Born: September 9, 1965
Graduate of Okayama Prefecture Seto High School
Joined Okayama System Service Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Dewey Corporation
CIO, Saint Marc Corporation, (currently, Saint Marc Holdings, a company listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 3395)
Representative Director, Universal Solution Systems Co., Ltd.
JASDAQ-Listed, Universal Solution Systems Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, WellLife Communications Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Macrocom Corporation (current position)
Representative Director, this company (current position)
Toshifumi Oda


Born: July 25, 1950
Graduated from the Department of Engineering, Keio University
Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Director of Japan System Co., Ltd. which he established; (Japan System Co., Ltd. is the current Japan Medical System Co., Ltd.)
Member of the Konosu City Council
Member of the Board of Directors of the Elementary School Corporation of Megumi Academy and Tobu Medical School
Chairman, Japan Manufacturing Systems Co., Ltd. (current position)
President, Japan Healthcare Business Co., Ltd. (current position)
Standing corporate auditor, Medicare Co., Ltd.
Director, Social Corporation, Genki Mura (Healthy Village)
Director, the School Corporation of Meisei Academy and Urawa Academy
Director, this company (current position)
Masakuni Tamura


Born: May 13, 1954
Graduated from Department of Architecture, the University of Tokyo
Entered Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
Director, Entered Sigma Planning Institute, Inc.
Representative Director (present post) , Arcbrain Inc.
Supervisory Officer (present post), Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation
Guest professor, Department of Science and Technology, Meiji University
Specially-appointed professor (present post),
Department of science and technology, Meiji University
Tatsumi Tsuda


Born: May 3, 1936
Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Joined Toshiba Corporation
Manager of Accounting Department, Toshiba Corporation Yanagimachi Factory
General Manager of the Measurement Division
Vice President, Toshiba International Company (San Francisco)
Chief of the Accounting Room, Toshiba Corporation Component Materials Business Headquarters
Director, Accounting Department, Toshiba Leasing Co., Ltd.
President of this company
Corporate auditor of this company (current position)

Advisory Board

Medical supervision

Hiroyuki Yasuoka

Director, Minami Akasaka Clinic

Graduated from the School of Medicine, Keio University in 1983.
Completed his physician's training in the Radiology Department, Keio University Hospital in 1985.
In 1986, studied at Jones Hopkins University Hospital and Emory University Hospital etc. in U.S.A.
Learned about the latest development in radiology, as well as early prevention and stress management.
In 1990, established the Minami Akasaka Clinic of the Medical Corporation, Konichi Association, whose goal is preventative medicine.
· Seafood Vegetarian, (published by Vocollect Voice)
· Why Wives are not Satisfied with their Husbands? (published by Kadokawa Shoten)
· The Prevention of Deaths from Overwork and Sudden Deaths, (published by Japanese Business Publishing company)
· The Busier People are the Better They Manage their Health, (published by Narumido)
· The Book to Enable You to Understand Your Doctor Ten Times Better, (published by Japan Medical Planning)

Supervision of intellectual property rights

Ryosuke Tamura

Director, Patent Operation Corporation, Lighthouse International Patent Office

Graduated from the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University.
After graduating from the university, worked as a chemical manufacturer and engaged in research and development.
Thereafter, joined the patent office and registered as a patent attorney in 2003.
Joined the consulting company in 2004.
In 2007, established Lighthouse International Patent Office which deals mainly with patent applications in software and chemistry.

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